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  • A Photographic Journey Around the Globe



Snow, ice & eagles everywhere

A small geographic stretch along the Chilkat River in Alaska is known as the “The Valley of the Eagles". During the summer the river runs high and fast with glacial waters from the surrounding mountain peaks, but during the late fall and early winter the Chilkat River remains surprisingly unfrozen. During this time of the year, American Bald Eagles gather to feed on late salmon spawning runs causing the population of these majestic raptors to swell from approximately 400 year-round resident eagles to over 3,500.


The Last Stronghold

Bears have fascinated humans for centuries and I agree that there are few experiences as breathtaking as seeing a grizzly bear in its natural habitat. Unfortunately, there are still many myths surrounding the lives and behaviour of bears that negatively impact our relationships with them. Stories of blood-thirsty bears attacking defenceless hikers are great stories material for the media. In the eyes of many, bears are still considered dangerous creatures that are a threat to people. This, of course, is inaccurate at best and unhelpful at worst.


Vast, uninhabited and untamed

The Yukon never fails to impress me. It truly is a Canadian gem and in many ways, it embodies everything that is Canadian for me. The Yukon simply is a place like nowhere else on Earth. The territory that bridges British Columbia and Alaska has been an adventureres favourite for generations thanks to the iconic Alaska Highway that runs through it, but the Yukon is much more than a drive-through destination. This vast and thinly populated wilderness, where most four-legged species outnumber humans, has a grandeur and beauty even photos can’t do justice.


The journey to Mexico

Every year thousands of American White Pelicans embark on an impressive journey of more than 3,500 kilometers from Canada to México searching for better weather conditions. Chapala Lake in the state of Jalisco is one of their preferred destinations. After spending their winter in the warmth of Mexico, they return at the beginning of April to British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Manitoba for breeding.

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