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The Yukon never fails to impress me. It truly is a Canadian gem and in many ways, it embodies everything that is Canadian for me. The Yukon simply is a place like nowhere else on Earth. The territory that bridges British Columbia and Alaska has been an adventureres favourite for generations thanks to the iconic Alaska Highway that runs through it, but the Yukon is much more than a drive-through destination. This vast and thinly populated wilderness, where most four-legged species outnumber humans, has a grandeur and beauty even photos can’t do justice. Beyond its majestic mountains and untamed rivers some of North America’s most impressive species journey through this vast and untamed wilderness: grizzly and black bears, wolves, caribou, moose, muskox, and many more. During my trips through the Yukon I had a chance to observe and photograph most of them and enjoy some of the most spectacular landscapes I have ever seen.

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