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Photography -
A journey without shortcuts
"As much as it looks breathtaking, nature photography can be misleading at times. What is often overlooked is the immense amount of effort that is put into capturing one magical moment. The long travelling hours, the heavy equipment, the time spent in extreme weather conditions and the numerous photos taken that never yielded the desired result. There's no magic moment when you arrive & suddenly all photos are perfect. The only perfection we can observe everyday is nature itself."

I love nature and I love photography

I always have. After purchasing my first DSLR, I was immediately fascinated by photography and over the years my hobby developed into a passion, becoming my true vocation. 5 years ago, I  become a partner in a conservation oriented Wildlife Adventure company in the North of Canada - Nakina Adventuresand got more seriously involved in nature photography which turned into a way of living. Now not a day in my life goes by without taking, editing or browsing through photos. I can be sitting hours observing an animal and actually never mind getting up at 4 in the morning to set up for the sunrise landscape shot I envision.

My work is about creating awareness about the fragile beauty of our planet and the necessity to protect it for future generations. I currently reside in Canada and Germany. Sounds weird? Believe me it is. But again, I consider myself lucky that my different work projects require that I travel extensively throughout the world. It is my great pleasure to take you along on my photographic journeys to the farthest corners of the Earth and share my experiences with you. Hopefully, I can make you fall in love with animals, places and people I met along my journeys and pass on their amazing stories. Becoming aware of the threats they are facing is the first step to make a difference.


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