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Snow, Ice & Eagles

A small geographic stretch along the Chilkat River in Alaska is known as the “The Valley of the Eagles". During the summer the river runs high and fast with glacial waters from the surrounding mountain peaks, but during the late fall and early winter the Chilkat River remains surprisingly unfrozen. The natural phenomena responsible for five miles of open water during freezing months is called an “alluvial fan reservoir.” Water in this large reservoir remains from 10 to 20 degrees warmer than the surrounding water. This warmer water “percolates” into the Chilkat River and keeps it from freezing. During this time of the year, American Bald Eagles gather to feed on late salmon spawning runs causing the population of these majestic raptors to swell from approximately 400 year-round resident eagles to over 3,500. Observing and photographing America's iconic national bird is always something special and unique - but to enjoy the privilege of viewing hundreds of trees heavily laden with these beautiful bird in a geographically condensed area is something beyond imagination.

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